2019 Summer Teachers

Summer 2019 Teachers (in collaboration with NSF EFRI NewLAW)

Picture of Joel	Bianchi

Joel Bianchi

Frederick Douglass Academy

Picture of Juditha Damiao

Juditha Damiao

Joseph F. Lamb (PS/IS 206)

Picture of Richard Foster

Richard Foster

Parkside Preparatory Academy

Picture of Basil Masood

Basil Masood

The Mott Hall School

Picture of Brooke	Williams

Brooke Williams

PS/MS 46 Arthur Tappan School

Picture of Martina Choi

Martina Choi

The Beacon School

Picture of Jason Econome

Jason Econome

Stuyvesant High School

Picture of Qiaochu	Jia

Qiaochu Jia

Forest Hills High School

Picture of Adam Seidman

Adam Seidman

The Beacon School

Picture of Anne Williard

Anne Williard

Mott Hall 2