A paper on dynamic spectrum access experiments in the COSMOS testbed will appear in ACM WiNTECH’21

Spectrum Consumption Models (SCMs)
Prof. Carlos E. Caicedo Bastidas from Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY) collaborated with COSMOS researchers from Rutgers University and Columbia University, in the setup and execution of experiments that demonstrated the first real-world implementation and execution of autonomous Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) interactions between Software Defined Radios (SDRs) via the exchange of Spectrum Consumption Models (SCMs). The details and results of the experiments will appear in a paper accepted to the 15thACM Workshop on Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental evaluation & CHaracterization (WiNTECH’21).
SCMs are a standardized data model that provide the means to capture all the relevant parameters and phenomena that relate to spectrum consumption/use by any kind of spectrum dependent system or device. They also provide a means to compute compatibility (i.e. non-interference) between any two models without dependence on external databases or system data. SCMs and their related computations have been standardized under the IEEE 1900.5.2 standard. These characteristics make them very attractive for the development of new spectrum sharing algorithms and mechanisms which the team of researchers will continue to work on in future experiments.
More details can be found in the following paper:
  • D. Stojadinovic, P. Netalkar, C. Caicedo Bastidas, I. Kadota, G. Zussman, I. Seskar, and D. Raychaudhuri, “A Spectrum Consumption Model-based Framework for DSA Experimentation on the COSMOS Testbed”, In Proc. ACM MobiCom’21 Workshop on Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental evaluation & CHaracterization (WiNTECH’21) (to appear), 2021. [download