COSMOS RET 2018 End-of-Semester Meeting

On December 13 2018 the COSMOS team and the ten high school teachers that participated in the COSMOS RET 2018 summer program, met in a half-day workshop held in Columbia University in the end of the semester.

In the first part of the workshop, the teachers presented their lessons learned from teaching the COSMOS labs into their classrooms. More particularly, they described their experience with the toolkit and students’ reactions to the lessons as well as the feedback they got by colleagues and their principals. Furthermore, they proposed possible lesson extensions and modifications. Finally, they presented prospective lessons and foreseeable challenges.

In the second part, the teachers had an open discussion with the COSMOS team about their experience on teaching classes using the COSMOS education labs and they got feedback and technical support on the toolkit from the COSMOS team.

Patrick Callahan, a teacher from the Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics, presenting his experience from teaching his students using the COSMOS Education Toolkit