COSMOS Team Participated in Verizon EdTech Challenge Demo Day in NYC

Verizon Covet VR
Panagiotis Skrimponis from the COSMOS team is presenting the COVET VR educational suite.

On October 2, 2019, Verizon held a press release event in 5G Alley labs, New York, where the COSMOS team presented the 5G COVET VR educational suite. The purpose of the event was to release to the public about the Verizonโ€™s partnership with a public school in Cleveland, and about the work that had been done by the five winning teams of the Verizon 5G EdTech Challenge. The teams created AR and VR applications for education using the capabilities of 5G wireless networks. During the event a selective number of students, and teachers from Verizon Innovative Learning schools were able to wear the VR headset and use the 5G COVET virtual educational labs. By 2021, Verizon aims to bring 5G and AR/VR educational applications to 100 Title I middle schools across the United States. By investing in 5G for education, the company says it strives to help close the digital divide, ensuring that all students and communities have access to technology.