Dr. Levent Gürgen Completes His Visit to Columbia as Part of the NGI Explorers Program

Dr. Levent Gurgen

Dr. Levent Gürgen, CEO of Kentyou, received support from the competitive NGI Explorers program to visit and conduct research at the COSMOS testbed and Columbia University during the summer and fall of 2021. During his visit Levent has been focusing on the project “Experimenting an edge-computing based AI approach for safe and efficient intersections in urban areas” which builds on Kentyou’s strength and the access to COSMOS testbed. The project is motivated by the fact that  road accidents involving pedestrians, in particular at intersections, are a major problem and that intersections have also an important role in the overall traffic flow management in an urban context. The project has been focusing on the application of IoT, AI, and edge/cloud computing in the design of smart intersections. More details can be found in the video below.